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2019-2020 College Catalog 
2019-2020 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Media Arts, A.S.

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HEGIS: 5008.00


The curriculum presented here applies to students who started the major in Fall 2019 or Spring 2020. If you enrolled as a matriculant prior to that, please see the College Catalog for the year you started the major as a matriculant for the curriculum requirements that apply to you.

Consultation with the Program Advisor is required.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of the Media Arts degree program requirements, graduates will:

  1. demonstrate knowledge of mass media processes
  2. demonstrate pre-production planning and budgeting
  3. demonstrate production processes for radio, television, film and internet
  4. demonstrate post-production processes for radio, television, film and internet
  5. utilize mass media business plans (marketing research and demographics)
  6. demonstrate knowledge of the technologies involved in production processes
  7. utilize audio equipment in-studio radio, remote radio and sound for television and film
  8. utilize video equipment in-studio television, remote equipment and lighting
  9. utilize post-production editing software programs
  10. demonstrate knowledge of media research methods
  11. demonstrate ability to produce competent written material for specific mass media uses
  12. demonstrate ability to produce public service announcements
  13. demonstrate knowledge of news through studio scripts, interview research/questions and wrap-arounds for news
  14. demonstrate ability to understand historical context of media growth
  15. demonstrate ability to research and write historical and/or descriptive information

College Requirements:

Successful completion of CUNY Assessment Tests in Reading, Writing, and ACCUPLACER CUNY Assessment Test in Math with passing examination scores, unless otherwise exempt, or developmental courses may be required.

Civic Engagement Experiences:

One (1) Civic Engagement experience satisfied by Civic Engagement Certified or Civic Engagement Component course or approved outside activity.

Writing Intensive Requirement:

One (1) Writing Intensive course in any discipline is required. Participation in a Learning Community that includes ENG 1200  or ENG 2400  also satisfies this requirement.

Required Core (4 Courses, 12 Credits):

When Required Core courses are specified for a category, they are strongly suggested and/or required for the major

*Note: You may elect to take a math or science course that is 4 credits or more. TAP counts 3 credits towards the requirements and the 4th credit as an elective.

Flexible Core (6 Courses, 18 Credits):

When Flexible Core courses are specified for a category, they are strongly suggested and/or required for the major

One course from each Group A to E. and one (1) additional course from any group

No more than two courses can be selected from the same discipline

A. World Cultures and Global Issues Designated Course

B. U.S. Experience in its Diversity Designated Course

C. Creative Expression Designated Course

D. Individual and Society Designated Course

E. Scientific World Designated Course

Note: You may elect to take a math or science course that is 4 credits or more. TAP counts 3 credits towards the requirements and the 4th credit as an elective.


0 to 15 credits sufficient to meet required total of 60 credits


This program is designed to ready students for entry into the media industries, and because of the physically demanding nature of media production, emphasis is placed on safe and proper set-up and operation of equipment. Specific physical abilities are required to fulfill needed tasks:

  • Gross motor skills sufficient to lift, sit and stand for long periods, and mobility sufficient to bend, kneel, squat, reach, and carry 10-40 lbs of equipment above waist height (includes lifting and carrying 10-40 lb cases of audio/visual equipment; lifting this equipment to required heights; and standing for multiple hours in-studio or on location during production).
  • Abilities sufficient to receive, interpret, and communicate information in an accurate, timely and efficient manner (includes headset communications during productions, ability to read broadcast copy on-air; ability to read from a teleprompter, ability to rewrite wire copy).
  • Visual acuity sufficient to perceive and manipulate computer displays – both with a mouse and by touch-screen. Eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills to operate various equipment (includes using audio/video editing software, manipulating fine dials, buttons and switches on cameras, microphones, and audio and video consoles).

If you feel you are unable to perform one or more of these functions, please consult with Access-Ability Services, D-205, by email (AAS@kbcc.cuny.edu) or by phone (718-368-5175), to determine whether a reasonable accommodation can be provided. Determination is made on an individual basis as to whether or not necessary accommodations or modifications can be made reasonably.

Total Credits: 60

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