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2019-2020 College Catalog 
2019-2020 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Enrollment and Student Services

Village Center for Enrollment Services

Room V-100, Ext. 6700

The Village Center for Enrollment Services, Kingsborough’s one-stop for all of the enrollment areas, provides assistance and direction with admission, financial aid, registrar processes, Kingsborough ID validation, directions, and more.

Application Processing Dates

Applicants are urged to file an admission application as early as possible. Applicants who wish to enroll at Kingsborough Community College must apply online at www.cuny.edu and list Kingsborough as their first choice on the admission application. Applications that are complete by the suggested application deadline dates will receive first consideration. Application deadline dates are set by the University and generally are as follows:

Fall Term  
  Freshman approximately February 1
  Transfer approximately February 1
Spring Term  
  Freshman September 15
  Transfer September 15

Non-degree applicants should apply directly at the Academic Village Center. Deadlines vary based on enrollment trends. Inquire at the Village Center before submitting an application.


  1. Application deadline dates may vary slightly from year to year. Inquire at the Academic Village Center at 718-368-6700 about possible deadline changes or extensions.
  2. Applications received after the deadline date will also be considered, but some programs may close early. Applicants should contact the Academic Village Center if filing after the application date.

Degree Seeking Applicants (Matriculated)

Applicants who plan to earn a degree should apply for matriculated status and may attend either weekdays during the day or evening and/or on weekends. However, not all majors can be completed exclusively or totally during evenings or weekends only or online.

Non-Degree Seeking Applicants (Non-Matriculated)

Applicants who wish to earn college credit without working toward a degree may request a non-degree status. Non-matriculants may, if they wish, change to matriculated status in a future term subject to the college’s requirements for doing so and use their credits toward a degree. See the section on Change of Status for details on requirements. Non-degree students are not eligible for financial aid.

Direct On-the-Spot Admission

Applicants who currently hold a U.S. high school diploma, or have received a state High School Equivalency (HSE) diploma through the General Education Development (G.E.D.) or Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASCTM) by virtue of satisfactory scores on the examinations, or currently attend or have previously attended an accredited U.S. college, may be eligible for preliminary acceptance to Kingsborough. For further information call the Academic Village Center at 718-368-6700.

Freshman Applicants

All applicants who have never attended any college, university, or other post-secondary institution such as a trade, technical, business or health profession school, should apply as a freshman. Applicants who are high school seniors currently attending a New York City public school or a parochial or private school, should apply online for admission at www.cuny.edu Freshman applications must include the student’s official high school transcript with date of graduation, General Education Development (G.E.D.) scores, or Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASCTM) scores.

CUNY does not accept high school certificates, Individual Education Plan (IEP) diplomas, online, correspondence or virtual high school diplomas/credentials, or transcripts from unaccredited high schools as proof of high school graduation. Refer to the admission application for specific details.

Transfer Applicants

All applicants who have attended a college or other college-level post-secondary school must submit a Transfer Application. Applicants who have attended a post-secondary institution such as a hospital school of nursing, secretarial science school, non-college degree granting technical institute or LPN training school must file a Transfer Application; they are not eligible for transfer of credits. The application, along with an official transcript from each college or post-secondary school attended, must be included. If the applicant has earned less than 24 credits an official high school transcript with date of graduation or original, General Education Development (G.E.D.) or Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASCTM) scores must also be provided.

Office of Military and Veteran Affairs  

Room C-106, Ext. 5472

The Military and Veteran Affairs Office (MAVA) serves the needs of prospective and enrolled active military personnel, reservists, veterans, and their dependents, spouses and survivors. MAVA aids in the application and certification for students who are eligible to receive education benefits under various Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) programs. In this role, the MAVA team facilitates a smooth transition and reintegration into the college community.  MAVA provides supplemental recruitment and retention efforts, various counseling and one-on-one advisement services, priority registration, academic program information, and certify eligible students to receive DVA education benefits while maintaining productive relations with the Veterans Administration and other agencies serving veterans.  All active military personnel, reservists, veterans and their dependents, spouses and survivors receive priority enrollment at the College each semester.

The MAVA Team works closely with many campus departments and have created a Point of Contact (POC) bridge.  The list of support offices and POC appointed for any inquiries can be found at https://www.kbcc.cuny.edu/veteranaffairs/Homepage.html

International Applicants

International applicants who are not citizens or permanent residents of the United States, whose native language is not English and whose previous education was not in English are required to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and score at least 475 if the test was taken on paper, 152 if taken on computer (CBT) or 53 if taken on the internet (IBT). Since it may take a considerable length of time for the TOEFL to be scored and many months for transcripts to arrive from outside the United States, applicants with foreign school documents are urged to complete their application for admission at least six (6) months prior to the start of the term. Kingsborough does not evaluate foreign school documents or make admission decisions for international students; all foreign school documents are evaluated by the University Application Processing Center (UAPC). The College is authorized to enroll non-immigrant alien applicants and issue U.S. Immigration form I-20 to those who are matriculated, in good academic standing and who register for at least 12 credits including equated credits. International students may not commence studies until they have an approved F-1 status.

New American Center

Room V-101, Ext. 5600

The New Americans Center is a one-stop citizenship center offering free immigration services at Kingsborough Community College and the Brooklyn community at large, including confidential one-on-one consultations with an immigration attorney and/or paralegal. The Center provides assistance with citizenship application, issues relating to student visas, spousal visas, renewal of alien cards, and family deportation petitions, and general legal counseling relating to maintaining and acquiring immigration status in the United States.

Testing Information

Room T-602, Ext. 4975

The City University of New York mandates that all incoming degree-seeking students, as well as students entering the upper division, meet standards of proficiency in the basic skill areas of reading, writing and mathematics. In addition the University requires students in both associate and baccalaureate programs to demonstrate their command of certain vital academic skills by the time they attain their 60th credit.

Accommodations for a required test based on disabilities are granted to students in compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Students who wish to seek such an accommodation must be registered with the College’s office serving students with disabilities.

Freshman Course Placement

AFTER acceptance by the College, but BEFORE registration, entering matriculated students (and non-degree students attempting to achieve matriculation) will be required to demonstrate basic skills proficiency. This requirement can be met by meeting the exemption criteria or by taking the CUNY Assessment Tests in Reading, Writing, and Math. Results of these tests, and/or pre-college exemptions, determine specific course assignments in appropriate English and mathematics courses.

Skills Assessment Testing

Approximately 5,000 students are tested each year. The tests evaluate student skills in reading, writing and mathematics. All incoming degree-seeking students are required to take these examinations or be otherwise exempted.

The results of the examinations are key to determining the need for developmental instruction, as well as placement in the sequence of English and mathematics courses.

Basic Skills Proficiency

Students must meet standards of proficiency in the basic skills areas of reading, writing and mathematics established by the University. In addition, the CUNY Board of Trustees has mandated that students meet a University-wide minimal level of skills proficiency before entrance to the upper division. Consequently, students will be tested in these areas by taking the CUNY Assessment Tests in Reading, Writing, and Math after admission, but prior to their first registration, to determine whether they meet the minimal University standards. Those who initially fail to meet requirements will be given appropriate developmental instruction to assist them to achieve the required skills competency levels.

Health Regulations

New York State Public Health Laws 2165 and 2167 dictate that there are certain immunization requirements that must be met prior to registration:

NYSPHL #2165 requires all students who were born after December 31, 1956 to submit to the College proof of immunity against measles, mumps and rubella (MMR).

NYSPHL #2167 requires the College to distribute information to students on meningococcal disease (or meningitis) along with a meningococcal meningitis vaccination response form. Upon receipt of the above, students must complete the response form and submit it to the College.


Students will not be allowed to register unless the above requirements are met.

All medical records and examination reports should be forwarded to the Office of Health Services, A-108.


  1. The College will not release medical records without signed authorization from the student. Students who are under 18 years of age will need a parent or legal guardian to authorize the release.
  2. First aid, emergency treatment, psychological counseling and referral, educational, preventive and advisory services are available. Registered Nurses are in attendance whenever classes are in session. Any accident or illness incurred during schools hours or en route to the College should be reported immediately to the Office of Health Services.
  3. The College does not monitor individual student participation in physical education or athletics. Students are responsible for following the advice of their physicians or health care providers in these matters. The College will take no responsibility whatsoever for any injury which may be suffered should a student participate without advice or against medical advice and for any injury sustained as a result of physical incapacity.

CUNY Permit Students

Students from CUNY colleges other than Kingsborough may submit a permit request online using their CUNYfirst student self-service. Applications must be filed well in advance of the deadline date established by Kingsborough since several areas must approve the permit. Students who register and subsequently cancel their permit without deleting their course(s) are subject to penalty grades from Kingsborough. These students may also be subject to tuition liability for the permit course(s). Students on permit to Kingsborough from another CUNY college will pay tuition for the permit course(s) at their home college. For more information, refer to https://epermit.cuny.edu

My Turn Applicants

Room F-219, Ext. 5079

My Turn is a tuition free college education program for New York State residents 60 years of age and older. Proof of age and New York State residency must be submitted with the admission application. My Turners come into the program as non-degree students and have the choice of matriculating after one (1) semester. My Turn students do not pay tuition. However, an admission application must be submitted and a registration fee, paid each term (Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer), is required. Contact the My Turn office for application deadlines and program information.

Second Degree Applicants

Students returning for a second degree file as a transfer applicant and must apply using the CUNY admission application. For further information call 718-368-6700, or go to V-101.


A former student who wishes to return to Kingsborough should complete a Readmission Form. After payment of the required readmission application fee, submit the completed Readmission Form to the Registrar’s Office, A-101, after obtaining approval from Health Services, A-108, as well as the Residency Office, V-101. United States veterans are exempt from the readmission fee. Consult the College’s web page for readmission deadlines; applications should be filed early since readmission deadlines are well before the start of the upcoming term.


Students who have received their degree from Kingsborough should refer to the section above, Second Degree Applicants.

Readmission After Academic Dismissal

Former students who were academically dismissed from Kingsborough Community College may apply for readmission according to the guidelines provided in their dismissal letter. A letter of appeal should be addressed to the College Committee on Admission and Academic Standing. The appeal letter, along with a paid Readmission Application, should be submitted to the Registrar’s Office, A-101. Consult the Registrar’s home page at https://www.kbcc.cuny.edu/registrar/ for full details of the process and for deadline dates. Appeals should be submitted well before the start of any term.

Change of Status from Non-Degree to Degree

Non-degree students who request a change to degree (matriculated) status must meet the following requirements:

  1. Have an official transcript certifying high school graduation or its equivalent on file in the Registrar’s Office, A-101.
  2. Complete the required CUNY Assessment Tests
  3. Be in good academic standing (at least a 2.00 cumulative grade point average) at the end of the current 12-week session.

If a college was attended previously, the following criteria must be met:

  1. Meet requirements in 1, 2 and 3 listed above.
  2. Have an official copy (copies) of previous college(s) transcript(s) on file in the Registrar’s Office, A-101.

If the cumulative grade point average at the previous college(s) was below a 2.00, the completion of a minimum of 12 credits or 12 equated credits will be required at Kingsborough Community College with at least a 2.00 cumulative grade point average. In the event of a student completing all equated credits, the academic progress units are used in place of attempted credits to determine the student’s grade point average. Consult the Academic Calendar for filing dates and deadlines.

Programs for New Students

College Discovery
Room L-516, Ext. 5520

The College Discovery Program (CD) is a CUNY Higher Education Opportunity Program for students who demonstrate college potential, but who might otherwise be excluded because of academic or economic circumstances. CD students receive academic and career counseling, tutorial services and financial assistance. The CD program offers students a unique opportunity to continue to a baccalaureate program by transferring to CUNY (SEEK), SUNY (EOP), and private college (HEOP) programs in 96 colleges across the New York State area, where they continue to receive financial and academic assistance. Prospective students must apply before entering the college by completing the Special Program section of the CUNY Admission Application. In addition, they must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), available at www.fafsa.ed.gov and New York State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) application, available at www.tapweb.org. Students are accepted into the program only during the fall term. For additional information go to http://kingsborough.edu/financialaid/homepage.html

CUNY Baccalaureate for Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies
Room A-228, Ext. 5029

The City University of New York Baccalaureate for Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies (formerly the CUNY Baccalaureate Program) allows academically able students the opportunity to design individualized programs of study that complement their academic, professional, and personal goals. The program is well-suited for students who wish to pursue areas of study not available as majors at either their home college or elsewhere within the University. This is CUNY’s most flexible, versatile degree, making it particularly beneficial for working adults; the program also offers a comprehensive transfer policy.

Working one-on-one with CUNY faculty mentors, students create their own single or double “areas of concentration” (e.g. single or double majors), many of which are often interdisciplinary. Recent examples include Engineering Psychology, Marketing Anthropology, Urban Sustainability, International Human Rights, Environmental Biology, Community Development and Technology, and Food Studies and Entrepreneurship. Students may take courses at any CUNY college, including the Graduate Center, School of Professional Studies, and City College Center for Worker Education, and are encouraged to pursue independent research, fieldwork, study abroad, and other academic opportunities.

CUNY BA, as it is commonly known, accepts up to 68 transfer credits earned at the community college level, and up to 90 credits in total. Qualified Kingsborough students can be in the program while working towards their associate degree (and will be able to take courses at the senior colleges at the same time). To be eligible for admission, students must have completed at least 15 college credits with at least a 2.50 grade point average, and must have an idea for an interdisciplinary or otherwise unique area of concentration. For more information, speak with the KCC-CUNY BA Campus Coordinator or visit http://cunyba.gc.cuny.edu/

New Start Program
Room M-101, Ext. 4911

The New Start Program assists students who have experienced academic difficulty at participating senior colleges. Eligible students are admitted to Kingsborough in good academic standing and they may enroll in any of Kingsborough’s degree programs on a full- or part-time basis. Up to 30 previously earned college credits can be applied toward an associate degree at Kingsborough. New Start students are offered specialized support services, including counseling and academic advisement. After graduation from Kingsborough, students may continue their education at a senior college under the CUNY transfer policy.

Tuition and Fees

Bursar’s Office
Room A-205, Ext. 5416


Tuition is charged each term* and is payable at registration. New York State TAP Awards (where the student can prove eligibility with an Award Certificate) reduces or eliminates the student’s liability on the day of registration.

No student will be permitted to register for a new term unless, and until, any indebtedness to the college is resolved. Payments may be made with cash, personal check, or money order made payable to Kingsborough Community College. Credit card payments (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express) can be made only online. Registration is not complete until all fees are paid.


Matriculated New York City Residents

Students must have at least 12 consecutive months of residency in New York State which includes six (6) months of consecutive residency in New York City immediately preceding the first day of classes.


* 12 or more credits+ or 12 or more equated credits++
* $2,400 plus non-refundable required fee of $226.45


* Less than 12 credits+ or less than 12 equated credits++
* $210 per credit+ or equated credit++ plus non-refundable required fee of $121.45


* $265 per credit+ or equated credit++ plus non-refundable required fees


* $420 per credit+ or equated credit++ plus non-refundable required fees


Students who reside in counties outside New York City but within New York State must present a valid certificate of residence from their county fiscal office in order to complete the registration process. Contact the Bursar’s Office for more information.

Matriculated Non-Certificate Eligible Out-of-City Residents, Out-of-State Residents and International Students (F1 Visa Status)

The flat, full-time tuition rate has been eliminated for nonresidents.Non-resident students must pay per credit rates for all terms (including modules).


* 12 or more credits+ or 12 or more equated credits++
* $320 per credit or equated credit plus non-refundable required fees


* Less than 12credits+ or less than 12 equated credits++
* $320 per credit+ or equated credit++ plus non-refundable required fees

International students who have an alien registration card must present it to the Admission Office. Prior to paying their tuition and/or on the first day of classes, the Admission Office determines residency status for tuition purposes.


*A term consists of both the fall session and winter module or the spring session and summer module.
+ The number of credits for each course is indicated with course title and description.
++ Equated credits pertain to non-credit developmental courses. See course descriptions.

Required Fees (NOT Refundable)

Consolidated Services Fee (ALL students)   $15.00
Student Activity Fee Per Term (including University Senate Fee, Technology Fee and Consolidated Services Fee):
  Full-Time Students $226.45
  Part-Time Students $121.45
Application (Freshman Students)   $65.00
Application (Transfer Students)   $70.00
Readmission to the College    
  (Contact Registrar at 718-368-5136, A-101) $20.00
Special or Makeup Examinations (College permission to take an exam at other than scheduled times):
  First Examination $25.00
  Additional Examinations (each) $5.00
Transcripts to other than CUNY schools (each)   $7.00
Duplicate Receipt Fee (each)   $10.00
Replacement ID Card Fee   $10.00
Senior Citizens (60 years old or over as of the first day of classes with proof of age and NYC/NYS residence) pay an administrative registration fee plus a Consolidated Services Fee (per term) $80.00
New York City Department of Education Cooperating Teacher (includes Consolidated Services fee) per term $40.00

Penalty Fees

A. Late Registration $25.00
(to enroll after last day of regular registration)
B. Program Change $18.00
This fee is waived when:
1. the college initiates the change
2. a course is dropped without replacement
C. Non-payment/Late Payment Service Fee $15.00
D. Payment Reprocessing $20.00
(payment with a personal check which is not honored by the bank)
E. Reinstatement Fee $25.00


All tuition and fee schedules are subject to change without prior notice, at any time, upon action of the Board of Trustees of the City University, The City and/or State of New York. Should fees or tuition be increased, payments previously made to the College will be counted as partial payment. Notification of additional amounts due, time, and method of payment will be sent to individuals involved.

Tuition Refund Policy

 In general, no portion of the Student Activity, Miscellaneous, Penalty or Special Fees will be refunded. A student who withdraws after the scheduled opening date of the session, or during the term, will receive tuition refunds according to the schedule below.* Full-time students who decrease their credit load will be charged per credit.

* Students entering Military Service may qualify for a refund other than as listed. The Registrar should be notified of the military status at the time of withdrawal.

Date of Formal Withdrawal from Course(s) or College Fall and Spring Sessions Winter and Summer Modules

Before scheduled opening date 100% 100%
Within six (6) calendar days after scheduled opening date 75% 50%
Between seventh and twelfth calendar days after scheduled opening date 50% 25%
Between thirteenth and seventeenth calendar days after scheduled opening date 25% NONE
Beyond seventeenth calendar day after scheduled opening date NONE NONE

Federal Refund Policy for Title IV Federal Aid Recipients

All Kingsborough students who are Federal Financial Aid recipients and totally withdraw within the sixty (60) percent point of the term may be required to repay a portion of any Federal aid received.

For Financial Aid information go to Financial Aid  

College/Course Withdrawal

Registrar’s Office
Room A-101, Ext. 5136

Withdrawal from the College

Students who find it necessary to withdraw from the college may do so using self-service in CUNYfirst. The date that the withdrawal is completed in CUNYfirst is considered the official date of withdrawal from the college. No portion of the Student Activity, Special, Penalty or Miscellaneous Fees is refundable except when a student’s registration is cancelled or when the college cancels courses.

From a Course

After consultation with an academic advisor, a student may withdraw from a course using self-service in CUNYfirst. The date that the withdrawal is completed in CUNYfirst is considered the official date of withdrawal from the college, NOT the last date of class attendance.

If a student withdraws from a course during the first 17 days of the fall or spring session (or the first seven [7] days of the winter or summer module), that course will be deleted from the student’s transcript.

If a student withdraws from a course after the deletion period but before a deadline that approximately coincides with completion of 2/3 of the session (see Academic Calendar for specific date), the student will receive a “W” grade for that course.

If a student registers for a course, does not attend classes, and fails to officially withdraw from the course, the student will be assigned a “WN” grade for that course.


Room A-101, Ext. 5136

The Registrar’s Office maintains academic records for all students and is responsible for the registration of students into classes after they have been admitted to the college. A prerequisite to attend classes is the completion of registration each term, following instructions from the Registrar’s Office. Students who do not receive information about a registration appointment by the start of announced registration periods should immediately contact the Registrar’s Office. No student is considered registered until all appropriate forms are filed with the Registrar’s Office and tuition and fees are paid.

The following services performed by the Registrar’s Office are available upon application:

  • Advanced Standing Evaluation of Transfer Credit*
  • Certification of enrollment to outside agencies
  • Change of:
    • Address, name and/or social security number
    • Curriculum (Plan)*
    • Grades
    • Matriculation Status (Degree/Non-Degree)*
    • Session (Day to Evening/Evening to Day)*
  • Final Examinations–Conflicts/Makeups*
  • Graduation*
  • Permit to attend other CUNY colleges; see CUNY Portal for filing dates
  • Readmission
  • Records access
  • Transcripts
  • Withdrawal from college and/or course(s)*

*The latest Academic Calendar, with information on filing dates and deadlines, is available on the college’s website.

Change of Curriculum (Plan)

For any curriculum/plan change, except Emergency Medical Service/Paramedic, Nursing, Physical Therapist Assistant, Polysomnographic Technology, and Surgical Technology* which have special admission requirements, students must file the appropriate form in the Registrar’s Office following the deadline dates on the Academic Calendar.

The new curriculum goes into effect the term following the student’s application. The most recent information on college policy, and all proper forms for a change of plan or change of session, is available in the Registrar’s Office.

*Please refer to the Department and Course Descriptions section for further information

Kingsborough Permit-Out Students

Kingsborough students may submit a permit request online using their CUNYfirst Student Self-Service. Applications must be filed well in advance of the deadline date established by the other CUNY college (host college) since several areas must approve the permit. Students who register and subsequently cancel their permits without deleting their course(s) at the CUNY host college are subject to penalty grades. These students may also be subject to tuition liability for the permit course(s). Kingsborough students on permit to another CUNY college will pay tuition for the permit course(s) at Kingsborough. For more information, go to http://kingsborough.edu/registrar/e-permit.html

Academic Advisement

Academic Advisement Academies

Kingsborough’s Advising Academies are designed to create supportive environments that guide students through academic focused goal setting and decision processes.  Each Academy focuses on academic programs and pulls together resources to assist students in learning about and interacting with their chosen paths in thoughtful and purposeful ways. Students are paired with an academy advisor who is dedicated to guiding students through major exploration, degree requirements, career planning and connections to campus resources.  There are four Academic Advisement Academies, which include the Business Academy, Education and Justice Academy, Health Sciences and STEM Academy, and Liberal Arts and Humanities Academy.  

Business Academy     
Room M-201, Ext. 5683
Business Administration
Business of Fashion
Culinary Arts (Degree and Certificate)
Fashion Design
Maritime Technology
Office Administration and Technology
Tourism and Hospitality
Website Development and Technology


Education and Justice Academy
Room M-101, Ext. 4911
Criminal Justice
Early Childhood Education/Child Care
Education Studies
Physical Education, Recreation and Recreation Therapy


Health Sciences and STEM Academy
Room E-102, Ext. 4903
Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counseling Certificate (CASAC-T)
Chemical Dependency Counseling
Community Health
Computer Information Systems
Computer Science
Earth and Planetary Science
Engineering Science
Exercise Science
Mental Health and Human Services
Physical Therapist Assistant
Polysomnographic Technology
Science for Forensics
Surgical Technology


Liberal Arts and Humanities Academy
Room F-123, Ext. 4806
Fine Arts
Graphic Design and Illustration
Journalism and Print Media
Liberal Arts
Media Arts
Speech Communication
Theatre Arts


Accelerated Study in Associate Programs (ASAP)

Room M-211, Ext. 5616

CUNY’s Accelerated Study in Associate Programs (ASAP) assists students in earning associate degrees by providing a range of financial, academic, and personal supports including comprehensive and personalized advisement, career counseling, tutoring, tuition waivers, MTA MetroCards, and additional financial assistance to defray the cost of textbooks. ASAP also offers special class scheduling options to ensure that ASAP students get the classes they need, are in classes with other ASAP students, and attend classes in convenient blocks of time to accommodate their work schedules so that they can earn their degrees as soon as possible. As students approach graduation, they receive special support to help them transfer to four-year colleges or transition into the workforce, depending on their goals.

Career Development and Experiential Learning

Room C-102, Ext. 5115

The Center for Career Development and Experiential Learning offers career counseling to all Kingsborough students, from their first day on campus through graduation. The mission of the Center is to prepare students with specific knowledge to find, organize, and utilize career resources as they progress through various stages of career exploration. Career advisors assist students in career planning and in the development of skills needed in the job search. Listings of part- and full-time jobs, as well as internships, are available to students via the KCC Online Jobs Board. The Career Center’s recruitment events, such as Job Fairs and On-Campus Recruitment, bring representatives from major corporations, government, and social service agencies to the campus. Job search assistance is offered to all students from résumé writing to interview technique workshops. For more information on the jobs board go to https://kbcc-csm.symplicity.com/students/index.php

Evening Advisement

Room M-101, Ext. 4911

Evening Advisement provides academic advisement to students attending classes part-time, students who take a majority of their classes in the evening, and non-matriculated students. Academic Advisors provide continuing students with guidance, clarification about their degree requirements, and the necessary tools to become more knowledgeable and responsible for planning their academic careers. Students are encouraged to meet with an advisor at least once each semester.

Academic Assistance

Center for Academic Writing Success (CAWS)

Room L-219, Ext. 5405

The Center for Academic Writing Success (CAWS) serves as a resource for all students in English courses as well as any student requiring assistance with a writing assignment. The primary goal of CAWS is to help students develop their own academic skills in essay writing, rethinking and revising papers, or identifying and correcting their own mistakes in writing. The Center offers a variety of free services such as walk-in tutoring, one-on-one tutoring contracted with an individual tutor for an entire semester, and group tutoring.

Center for Math and Technology (CMAT)

Room F-206, Ext. 5808

The Center for Math and Technology provides a supportive and welcoming learning environment to all Kingsborough students currently enrolled in math or computer courses.  Our highly qualified tutors are dedicated to providing reassurance and expert guidance to every student.  By tailoring our services to each student’s needs, and by ensuring access and availability to all students, the CMAT team fosters student success in mathematics and technology.  CMAT currently offers free walk-in tutoring to students currently enrolled in a math class or classes with a math component.  Tutoring is available individually or in a small-group setting.  CMAT has a Math Computer Lab (MCL) with 24 computers and a teacher’s station.  It is available for math and computer science classes, for current Kingsborough math and computer science students, or students who need to work on specialized computer programs or to complete their courses work.  The MCL is also available for special programs.  CMAT provides support in collaboration with Math faculty.  

Tutorial and Academic Support Center

Room L-605, Ext. 5118

The Tutorial Academic Support Center is primarily responsible for supporting students’ general welfare and academic progress throughout their academic career.  The goal of the Center is to assist all students with locating the resources necessary to successfully complete their coursework.  The following are offered: 

Tutoring: available for almost all Kingsborough courses on a first come, first served basis.  Students can receive one or two hours per-week of tutoring per course.  Students will meet with the same tutor throughout the semester.  

Math Multiple Repeater Workshop:  a program specifically designed for students who have failed Math M100 or M200 two or more times.  Instead of taking the traditional Math M100 or M200 course, students enroll in a workshop.  At the completion of the workshop, the student will take over the portion of the exam they previously failed. 

Supplemental Instruction: with funding from a Carl. D. Perkins grant, we offer specialized tutoring for students in the following courses:  Biology 1100, Biology 1200, Science 2500, Accounting 1100, Accounting 1200, Culinary Arts 5000, and Culinary Arts 9900.  

Nursing TEAS Workshops:  workshops are available in English, Math, and Science to assist students in preparing for the Nursing TEAS exam and entrance into the Clinical Nursing Program.  

Immersion Program

Room D-106, Ext. 5358

The Immersion Program is a CUNY-wide initiative offering incoming Fall freshmen and continuing Kingsborough students tuition-free developmental classes and workshops. Incoming Fall freshmen who have not passed one or more of the CUNY Assessment Tests can join the Summer Immersion Program (SIP) in the Summer prior to their first semester at Kingsborough in order to complete all or part of their English and/or math developmental requirement(s). Immersion courses are specifically designed to help students pass the CUNY Assessment Tests. Day and evening courses are offered to accommodate a variety of schedules. Academic, career, and personal counseling are available to the incoming summer cohort who also have access to all campus facilities while in the SIP. Continuing Kingsborough students may enroll in the year-round Multiple Repeater Math Workshops or Express Math classes offered in the winter or summer modules. For more information go to www.kbcc.cuny.edu/immersion


Room L-115, Ext. 6876

Kingsborough’s state-of-the-art laboratory is designed to encourage incoming students to explore career opportunities in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education curricula. The STEM lab exposes students to cloud-based hands-on innovative activities that relate to real-world applications.

Academic Honors

Dean’s List

Room A-228

The Dean’s List at Kingsborough Community College is established every term to honor matriculated students who have achieved academic excellence. To be eligible for inclusion on the Dean’s List in a given term (defined as 12-week session and 6-week module), day or evening students must meet the following criteria:

  1. have completed all developmental course work prior to the term under consideration for Dean’s List
  2. earn a minimum of 12 credits
  3. achieve a grade point average (GPA) of 3.50 or higher for the term under consideration
  4. not have grades of ” D,” ” F,” ” FIN,” ” INC,” ” R,” or “WU” at the time the list is produced and
  5. be in good academic standing (have a minimum cumulative grade point average [GPA] of a 2.00)

Attainment of the Dean’s List becomes part of students’ permanent record and appears on their transcript. Students do not need to apply to be considered for the Dean’s List. If eligible, they are automatically placed on the List.

Dean’s List Scholarship

To further reward students for their achievement and to encourage them to continue to pursue academic excellence, freshmen students who are placed on the Dean’s List in their first two semesters and attend Kingsborough full-time for a third semester may qualify for the Dean’s List Scholarship of $30 (transfer students and students who receive the WAVE scholarship are not eligible). Students do not need to apply to be considered for the Scholarship. If eligible, they will be contacted automatically and will be presented with the scholarship check during the Dean’s List Ceremony. 

Honor Societies

Chi Alpha Epsilon

College Discovery
Room L-516, Ext. 5781

Chi Alpha Epsilon Honor Society was founded at West Chester University of Pennsylvania in 1989. The Delta Pi Chapter at Kingsborough Community College was established in May 2012. The honor society was formed to recognize the academic achievements of students admitted to the college through non-traditional criteria and who are admitted to opportunity programs such as College Discovery, TRiO, and many others. The eligibility requirements are completion of ENG 1200   and maintaining a 3.00 or higher cumulative grade point average for two consecutive terms. Students are expected to engage in civic engagement activities, expand on leadership skills and always strive for excellence. For additional information go to https://www.chialphaepsilon.org/

Mu Alpha Theta

Mathematics & Computer Science Department
Room F-309, Ext. 5931

Sponsored by the Mathematical Association of America, Mu Alpha Theta is the national two-year college mathematics honor society (www.mualphatheta.org). It is dedicated to inspiring keen interest in mathematics, developing strong scholarship in the subject, and promoting the enjoyment of mathematics in two-year college students. Membership is open to students who complete eight (8) or more credits in mathematics courses numbered 1500 or higher and/or in computer science courses while maintaining at least a “B” grade in those courses, and receive the recommendation of the Mathematics Department faculty.

Phi Beta Lambda

Business Department
Room M-355, Ext. 5555

Phi Beta Lambda (www.fbla-pbl.org) is a national business honor society for college students who have an interest in business. Students who have maintained a cumulative grade point average of “B” after completing 30 credits or more at Kingsborough, and who have given service to the Business Department, are eligible for membership.

Phi Theta Kappa

Room M-377, Ext. 5365

The Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society of the Two-Year College was established in 1918. Today, it’s the largest honor society in American higher education, with more than 1.5 million members and 1,200 chapters located in all 50 states and abroad. The Phi Theta Kappa Chapter at Kingsborough Community College, Xi Kappa, was established in 1965, shortly after the College was founded. In March 2006, Kingsborough’s chapter was awarded the Phi Theta Kappa “Horizon Award” for the most revitalized chapter and in 2015 it was recognized as one of the Top 100 Chapters nationwide. Xi Kappa is a very positive force in the lives of Kingsborough students and offers tremendous opportunities for members to enrich their education while at Kingsborough by participating in a rich menu of co-curricular, on- and off-campus activities and events.

The purpose of Phi Theta Kappa is to nurture academic excellence at the college by promoting an intellectual climate and a special sense of community among the college’s highest achieving students. The hallmarks of Phi Theta Kappa to which members pledge fidelity are scholarship, leadership, fellowship and service. Phi Theta Kappa affords numerous benefits to its members including thousands of dollars in transfer scholarships offered by many four-year colleges and universities. For a complete listing of scholarships for Phi Theta Kappa members go to http://www.ptk.org/default.aspx

To be eligible for Xi Kappa chapter membership, a student must have:

  1. earned 12 or more credits (beyond developmental courses)
  2. achieve a grade point average of 3.50 or higher with no grades of “D,” “F,” “FIN,” “INC,” “R,” or “WU” and
  3. passed the CUNY Assessment Tests in Reading and Writing.

Membership in Phi Theta Kappa requires a one-time $65 lifetime membership fee, which is sent to the international headquarters of Phi Theta Kappa. In return, members receive a membership package containing a membership certificate, ID number, and the Society’s gold pin of excellence. In addition, members’ permanent transcript will note that they are a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, and at graduation, they will be eligible to purchase and wear the Society’s gold silk stole and tassel and be seated in a special section.

If you are eligible to join Xi Kappa, an email is sent at the beginning of each fall and spring term with details regarding the online application and payment.

There is a symbiotic relationship between the Xi Kappa Chapter and the Honors Program at Kingsborough. Both are housed in the Honors House in M-377, providing Honors students with an intellectual gathering place. For additional information go to https://www.kbcc.cuny.edu/honors/pages/student_organizations.html

Sigma Alpha Pi

Career Development and Experiential Learning
Room C-102, Ext. 5115

Sigma Alpha Pi (National Society of Leadership and Success) is a lifetime membership in one of the largest college leadership honor societies in the United States. The society is by invitation only for students with a grade point average of 3.00 or higher. Eligible students will receive a registration code in the invitation to register for the fall or spring session. If students do not receive an invitation but have a grade point average of 3.00 or higher, they are encouraged to nominate themselves through the society’s website at https://www.nsls.org/ To receive more information email leadershipsociety@kbcc.cuny.edu

Honors Program

The Honors Program

Room M-377, Ext. 5365

The Kingsborough Honors Program provides students who have a 3.20 or higher grade point average with the opportunity to challenge themselves academically in Honors classes that emphasize critical thinking, independent research, analytical writing, oral debate, and public speaking.

Students can select from a variety of Honors coursework: they can enroll in All-Honors courses, which are smaller in size than regular classes and where all participants have a 3.20 or higher grade point average, or add an Honors Enrichment Component (HEC) to one of their regular courses. Highly motivated students may also work with a professor to do a substantial research project called an Honors Contract, which usually involves writing a 10-page paper using documentation appropriate to the discipline to earn Honors credit.

The Honors Program celebrates student success. Distinctions: The Honors Student Journal, founded in 2005, is the bi-annual publication of the Kingsborough Honors Program. Honors students are urged to submit and are assisted in publishing their papers in Distinctions. Students who do outstanding work on a paper or project in an Honors or non-Honors course are encouraged to share it with the college community by taking part in an Honors Symposium held each term.

An “Honors” designation is entered on the student’s transcript for every Honors course taken. Honors academic participation is also noted in the commencement program for students who have successfully completed a minimum of nine (9) or more Honors credits.

The Honors Program also seeks to enrich students’ lives outside of the classroom. Through participation in a number of special programs, such as the Presidential Scholars Honors Program, the Honors Representatives Program, and Honors sponsored student groups, such as the Honors Club, Phi Theta Kappa Two-Year College Honor Society, and Student World Assembly, honors students are encouraged to “act locally and think globally.”

The ultimate aim of the Honors Program is to enable students to become “Citizen-Scholars” who have a strong academic and co-curricular résumé that enables them to successfully transfer to top public and private four-year colleges and universities. As a result of their involvement in the Honors Program, many students are competitive
candidates for scholarships.

The criteria for admission into the Honors Program are as follows:

  1. Day or Evening, full-time or part-time students who have completed 12 credits or more in residence at Kingsborough and have passed CUNY Assessment Tests in Reading and Writing, earned a grade of “B” or higher in ENG 1200 or ENG 2400, and have maintained a cumulative grade point average of 3.20 or higher are eligible to participate in the Honors Program.
  2. Kingsborough students who have accumulated less than 12 credits locally with a grade point average of at least 3.20, but have additional transfer credits, may participate in the Honors Program if they can produce transcripts of their transferred credits showing a grade point average of 3.20 or higher.
  3. Transferring students with 12 transferred credits or more who have passed CUNY Assessment Tests in Reading and Writing and have a cumulative grade point average of 3.20 or higher for their transferred credits will be allowed to participate in the Honors Program upon presentation of their transcripts to the Honors Program Director.
  4. Entering freshmen who have a high school average of 85 or higher, and/or a combined SAT score of 950, and/or who have passed all parts of the CUNY Assessment Tests in Reading, Writing and ACCUPLACER CUNY Assessment Test in Math, are eligible to participate in the Honors Program. They must present a one- to two-page essay expressing their interest in the Honors Program to the Honors Program Director.
  5. High school students entering Kingsborough with College Now credits who received a “B+” or higher in every College Now course they have taken and have maintained a high school average of 80 are eligible to participate in the Honors Program.

The Honors Office in M-377 and Honors Lounge in M-378 serve as a one-stop shop for all Honors needs and services. Interested students should visit the Honors House to learn more about the Honors Program and the numerous co-curricular opportunities available both on- and off-campus to Honors students. For more information go to www.kbcc.cuny.edu/honors

Enriched Off Campus Opportunities

Exploring Transfer Summer Program at Vassar College

Room M-377, Ext. 5365

The award-winning Vassar College Exploring Transfer Program (http://eter.vassar.edu) is a five-week summer program designed to give qualified community college students the opportunity to explore their transfer options while experiencing education at a four-year residential college. Students enroll in two (2) interdisciplinary courses team-taught by community college and Vassar faculty, earn six (6) academic credits, stay in dormitory housing on the Vassar campus and eat their meals in the campus dining halls. Vassar College covers the cost of the courses, housing, food and books. In return, the program asks that students come with an eagerness to learn and a desire to challenge themselves academically, transcending boundaries previously thought impossible. Applications for this program become available in the spring.

Department of Student Affairs

Room A-216, Ext. 5563

The mission of the Department of Students Affairs is to provide an inclusive environment in which students engage in innovative, stimulating, and high quality learning opportunities designed to facilitate personal growth and academic success. Our students will exemplify the core values of leadership, civic engagement, civility, and responsible global citizenship while moving forward successfully toward their academic and career goals.

Areas under the Department of Student Affairs include, Access-Ability Services, Athletics, Career Development and Experiential Learning, Child Development Center, College Discovery Program, Counseling and Health Services, CUNY Edge Program, Judicial Affairs/Student Conduct, Men’s Resource Center, New Student Orientation, Office of Military and Veteran Affairs, Office of Student Life, Scepter Newspaper, Student Handbook, Student Union and Intercultural Center, TRiO, and Women’s Center. 

Student Development Course Offerings

SD 1000 - Freshman Seminar

1 Credit(s) Hours: 1 hr.

This freshman seminar course assists incoming students in their college transition, facilitates interactive learning, and helps to develop knowledge and skills important for attaining academic success. In order to provide students with an opportunity to develop personally, academically, and socially, the course addresses the topics of learning styles, skills for academic success such as note taking and time management, career exploration, academic policies and procedures, information literacy and diversity. Students are encouraged to think critically, to develop an academic plan, and to learn outside of the classroom through out-of-class experience events such as slam poetry, yoga, and cultural diversity workshops. The class also promotes the development of a strong bond between students and their instructor as well as with the college community. This course supports Learning Communities.

SD 1100 - Career and Life Planning

1 Credit(s) Hours: 1 hr.

Students have an opportunity to explore careers with emphasis on their interests, abilities, aptitudes and college experiences. They learn how to plan for future work and leisure time. Topics include the nature of work, contemporary changes in careers and work ethic, self-assessment, jobs, and changing lifestyles. Current labor market information is introduced followed by intensive, individual research and exploration of occupations. Instruction and practical assignments explore the dynamics and techniques of job-seeking, decision-making, goal-planning and priority-setting.

SD 1200 - Strategies for College Success

1 Credit(s) Hours: 1 hr.

This course examines typical problems encountered in college and the strategies to overcome these difficulties. It offers an assessment of personal academic strengths and weaknesses and an examination of the internal and external barriers to academic success. Students are assigned a counselor/advisor to explore issues that often correspond to the course curriculum.

Student Life Office

Room C-123, Ext. 5597

The Department of Student Affairs’ co-curricular activities program, coordinated by the Office of Student Life, is designed to enrich students’ total college experience. The mission of the Office of Student Life is to provide programs and services that support the activities of student organizations to sponsor and support extra- and co-curricular activities designed to supplement students’ classroom experiences, and to contribute to students’ personal and intellectual development.

Students and faculty work together to make decisions in areas of college governance and leadership training. Opportunities are available for students to participate on College Council, the Kingsborough Community College Association, and many other college-wide committees.

Over 80 student organizations, organized and administered by students with assistance from full-time faculty and staff advisors, develop academic, cultural, educational and social programs. Included are team sports and athletics, theater, special interest groups, social groups, a radio station, newspaper, yearbook, literary and arts journal and a student ambassador program.

Many events, open to all students, are scheduled throughout the term. They include lectures, films, art exhibits, socials, music and videos. Dates and campus locations of events are published monthly in an events newsletter and in Scepter, the college student newspaper, as well as posted on easels, the college website, and on Facebook. In addition, students can subscribe to the Student Life Text Messaging Service. To sign-up for the service simply text @KCCEvents to 81010

Student Government Association (SGA)

Room C-/D-201

Student Government Association (SGA) represents the student voice in matters of governance and decision-making on campus.  SGA students sit on campus- and university-wide committees and boards to address everything from student complaints and curriculum changes to campus policies and allocation of funds.  SGA students meet regularly with student constituents, academic department chairs, and with campus administration.  SGA also works with the University Student Senate (USS) and CUNY administration to drive change, and support lobbying efforts with the local and state government.  Membership in SGA is limited and is based on election, as set forth in the SGA Constitution. 

Campus Activities Board (CAB)

Room F-201

Campus Activities Board (CAB) is the main student programming entity on campus.  Each year, CAB hosts a variety of events to entertain, educate, and build community on campus.  Past evens have included trivia, laser tag, trips to amusement parks and Broadway shows, novelty/giveaway events, live performers, and more.  CAB also works to support the programming efforts of the other student organizations on campus through, mentoring, volunteer assistance, and even sponsorships.  All students are welcome to join CAB and/or attend CAB events across campus. 

Clubs and Organizations

Room C-123, Ext. 5597

From academic and social, to ethnic and special concerns, the more than 80 clubs and organizations at Kingsborough Community College reflect the diverse interests and activities of both day and evening students. Club involvement can introduce a student to new cultural experiences, help develop valuable leadership and organizational skills required in all aspects of life, and can lead to lasting friendships. The number and types of clubs and organizations change constantly as students’ interests and concerns change. Students interested in creating a new club on campus should obtain a “Petition to Organize and Establish an Organization” from the Office of Student Life. Student Life staff will provide guidance through the process.

Student Activities Résumé

Room C-123, Ext. 5597

The Student Activities Résumé Program provides students with official documentation of their involvement in campus activities that would be of value when applying to a four-year college or for a professional position. Students may apply for a résumé at any time, but it is recommended to wait until after awards night in June so that all accolades can be included.

Student Ambassador Program

Room C-123, Ext. 5597

Student Ambassadors serve as peer mentors throughout campus.  They can be found giving directions at the information booth, mentoring first-semester students in the Opening Doors Learning Communities, providing support through the ESL program or Men’s and Women’s Centers, and everywhere in between.  Student Ambassadors also help with campus events from the annual Block Party and Springfest to award ceremonies and Commencement.  Interested students must have a cumulative GPA of a 2.00 and complete an 8-week training program, offered each Spring. 

Radio Station WKRB

Room U-227, Ext. 5817

The college’s student-operated FM station, WKRB-FM, broadcasts on 90.3 MHz and covers South Brooklyn and major portions of Queens and Staten Island and webcasts at http://www.wkrb.org/ Serving approximately 200,000 listeners each week, WKRB provides entertainment, public affairs and community-oriented programming 365 days a year. Students in the Broadcast curriculum use the newly refurbished station as the lab in which to learn every aspect of radio broadcasting.

Student Handbook

Room A-216, Ext. 5563

The Student Handbook, an important resource and guide, provides students with information on all aspects of college life - - campus rules and regulations, academic standards, counseling and related services, special programs, student activities, and more. Published in PDF format, The Student Handbook is available for download on the Kingsborough website.

Student Publications

Room M-230, Ext. 5603

Student publications provide an outlet for the expression of ideas, opinions, creativity and talent.

  • Scepter, the college newspaper, prints college news, reviews college activities and sports, carries letters, opinions, commentary and items of interest to Kingsborough students and faculty.
  • Antheon, the college literary and arts journal, encourages the expression of student poetry and fiction and the visual arts.
  • Odyssey, the college yearbook, offers students an opportunity to produce an overview of the academic year and its graduates.
  • Orenda Comics, the college comic book.
  • Kingsloop, the college online magazine.

All publications are written, produced, managed and distributed by Kingsborough students with a faculty advisor. They are supported by the KCC Association and have been cited for excellence.

Athletic Activities

Room G-110, Ext. 5737

The Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs offers a program of intramural, recreation, and athletic activities geared to promote a variety of interests and skills.


The intramurals program is designed to enable students to participate in a wide variety of athletic and recreational activities on a voluntary basis.

The program consists of individual and team events such as touch football, volleyball, 3-man basketball, soccer, ping pong, handball, 5K run, and chess. In many of these intramural tournaments, Kingsborough students compete against each other with the winner representing the college in the CUNY-wide intramural championship. All events are co-educational.


The recreation program offers students an opportunity to participate, at their own convenience, in sports and physical fitness activities including basketball, swimming, tennis, handball, racquetball, and training with weights, ping-pong and run/walk fitness hours.


The Athletic Program is renowned in the northeastern part of the United States, offering men and women the opportunity to participate in a wide range of sports. Emphasis is placed upon promoting enjoyment, fitness, skill development, athletic and scholastic knowledge, and sportsman-like competition.

For women, the growing program includes varsity basketball, cross country, soccer, tennis, track (indoor and outdoor) and volleyball teams. The women’s program is sanctioned by The City University of New York Athletic Conference (CUNYAC), the local conference, and by Region XV District of the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) on the regional, district and national levels.

Male varsity team programs include baseball, basketball, cross country, tennis, track (indoor and outdoor) and soccer teams.

The men’s program is sanctioned by The City University of New York Athletic Conference (CUNYAC), the local conference, and by Region XV District of the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) on the regional, district and national levels.

Kingsborough also has a co-educational cheerleading team that supports the Athletics Department in various campus events. The cheerleading team support the men’s and women’s basketball teams and competes in the annual CUNY cheerleading championships against CUNY senior colleges.

Kingsborough is a member of The City University of New York Athletic Conference (CUNYAC), Region XV District of the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA). There are 24 regions and 10 more encompassing districts geographically within NJCAA.

Victorious teams in the Regional structure compete against each other to determine District champions in each sport. Many of Kingsborough’s teams and individual athletes have won national and regional awards and gone on to win scholarships to four-year colleges in their sports.

The College will not monitor student participation in physical education, open recreation, intramurals, or athletics. Students are responsible for following the advice of their physicians in these matters. The College will take no responsibility whatsoever for any injury students may suffer should they participate without medical advice, or against medical advice, or for any injury suffered as a result of any physical incapacity.

Student Support Programs

Access-Ability Services (Students with Disabilities)

Room D-205, Ext. 5175

Access-Ability Services (AAS) is committed to opening doors of equal opportunity to students with disabilities at Kingsborough Community College. The goal of AAS is to equalize educational opportunities and to provide access through appropriate academic accommodations. Access-Ability Services serves as a disability resource, promotes equity, and provides appropriate accommodations and assistance to Kingsborough students with disabilities. Students with disabilities who want to utilize accommodations are asked to complete an “Application for Academic Accommodations” and submit supporting documentation. For further information go to http://www.kingsborough.edu/access-ability/homepage.html

Child Development Center

Room V-105, Ext. 5868

As a service for students who are parents, Kingsborough’s Child Development Center accepts a limited number of children, ages 18 months through nine (9) years, each term. The children receive low-cost professional care and education, including meals, at this licensed facility. The Center is open Monday through Thursday from 7:00 am to 10:30 pm and Friday from 7:00 am to 5:30 pm, September through July, and from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm on Saturdays during the fall and spring terms. All Kingsborough students are eligible to apply for a slot for their child, according to their class schedule. Priority is given to full-time matriculated students. Fees are based on the number of hours children are enrolled; when possible, subsidized rates available through public funding are offered to parents who qualify. To apply, parents are encouraged to place their name on the Center’s waiting list.

The Center also offers Pre-K for All (PKA), which is a free full-day pre-school program through the New York City Department of Education. Children must be four (4) years old to participate in PKA.


Room T4-216, Ext. 4660

The mission of CUNY EDGE is to help students who are receiving public assistance achieve academic excellence, graduate on time, and find employment by focusing on personal and professional development, and by equipping students with the necessary skills to succeed in college and the work place.

CUNY EDGE, formerly known as the C.O.P.E. Program, offers advisement on classes and career, seminars on ways to succeed in college and work, cafeteria or bookstore vouchers for program participants, connection to internship and job resources, and tutoring in various subjects.

Men’s Resource Center

Room U-218, Ext. 5864

The Men’s Resource Center provides academic and peer support to self-identified men of color to help empower them and improve their college experience. Services provided to help students achieve their goals include professional and peer mentoring, intensive academic support, networking with other students, career exploration, and cultural and educationally-focused trips and activities.

Single Stop

Room V-231, Ext. 5411

Single Stop connects Kingsborough students to the benefits and resources for which they may qualify. A free 10-minute benefits screening can potentially point the way to help with rent, groceries, and/or health insurance. In addition, students can receive the following free services: legal aid, financial counseling, and tax preparation

TRiO Student Support Services

Room D-205, Ext. 5175

TRiO addresses the academic and vocational needs of students with disabilities or who are first-generation or low income. The program provides advisement, counseling, tutorials, technology and academic workshops, transfer assistance, and other initiatives such as academic coaching. Intakes are available throughout the calendar year.

KCC Urban Farm

Between T8 and T2, Ext. 6578

Established in 2011, the mission of KCC Urban Farm is to grow a variety of produce organically and to catalyze thought, dialogue, and action around food system issues. Managed by staff, students, and faculty, the quarter-acre site includes approximately 7,000 square feet for cultivation and learning experiences for the entire Kingsborough community. The Farm produces approximately 4,000 pounds of fresh vegetables each year most of which are distributed to students for free in partnership with Single Stop. KCC Urban Farm is an outdoor laboratory for examining how a wide range of issues intersect with our food system. KCC’s Urban Farm has become a place for Kingsborough students to explore sustainability issues in an engaging, hands-on environment.

Counseling and Health Services

Counseling and Health Services oversees Counseling Services, the Student Wellness Center, Health Services, and the Women’s Center.

Counseling Center

Room D-102, Ext. 5975

All currently enrolled Kingsborough students are eligible to receive free and confidential personal counseling through the Counseling Center. In the Counseling Center students will find trained and caring mental health professionals committed to providing services in a safe, supportive environment free of judgment.

The mission of the Counseling Center is to facilitate meaningful personal growth and the fullest academic development of each individual. The staff assists students with adjustment, as well as behavioral, emotional and/or academic challenges. Counselors also provide the Kingsborough Community with ongoing education regarding mental health issues and consultation/assessment in crisis situations

Through counseling, students can gain assistance in developing positive coping strategies to help balance the challenging demands of school and personal life such as stress, trauma, family concerns, loss, anxiety, depression, and life transitions.

Specific services available include individual and group counseling and when appropriate, referrals to outside community mental health agencies and substance abuse treatment programs. The Counseling Center also offers English as a Second Language (ESL) support services. ESL support services is a component of the Counseling Center that was created with the goal of assisting ESL students with adjustment to the college. Services available include personal counseling, group support, workshops based on student needs and interests, referral, resources, and the opportunity to assist other ESL students through ESL peer mentorship.

Student Wellness Center

Room A-108 E and F, Ext. 5300

The Student Wellness Center (SWC) is a unit within Counseling and Health Services. The Student Wellness Center provides health and mental health education, and supportive services in an integrated and holistic way. Its main objective is to provide a safe place on campus that takes into account the diverse needs and backgrounds of Kingsborough’s students and to promote self-care. During each visit a Wellness Counselor will provide the student with a level of support where their challenges will be respectfully addressed and kept confidential.  The Wellness Counselor will also help to facilitate an environment where the student will be able to address their concerns, create a plan, and/or problem solve and will develop health solutions targeted toward positive changes and transformation. In addition to wellness visits, SWC services include, but are not limited to mental health screenings, preventative psychoeducational events, HIV testing, and recruitment to health insurance. SWC services and programs are provided by physical and mental health professionals, peer educators, and undergraduate and graduate level inters.

For further information go to https://www.kbcc.cuny.edu/counselingservices/counselinghealthservices.html#swc

Health Center

Room A-108, Ext. 5684

The Health Services Office reviews student medical forms and evaluates the health status of students, facilitates the removal of physical or emotional barriers to learning, and ascertains the need for special adaptations of the college program to ensure the maximum development of each student. First aid, emergency treatment, educational, preventative and advisory services are provided through the Health Services Office. Registered nurses are present when classes are in session to assist students with specific health problems. Any accident or illness incurred during school hours or en route to the college should be reported immediately.

Women’s Center

Room M-382, Ext. 4700

The Women’s Center offers women and non-traditional students a supportive place to gather, socialize, and network. The Center partners with academic departments, programs, and clubs to co-sponsor lectures, workshops, and seminars exploring educational, professional, and lifestyle issues. In addition, they form peer support groups in response to students’ needs and schedules. Services include individual and group mental health counseling.